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OSHK and FPAHK Co-organised “Bone Health Day 2007”

In response to the World Osteoporosis Day, the Hong Kong Osteoporosis Society (OSHK) and the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) co-organised the "Bone Health Day 2007" to arouse public awareness on bone health with a view to prevent osteoporosis and the increased risk of bone fractures brought about by the disease. The event was successfully held in Kowloon City Plaza today.

Legco member the Hon Chan Yuen-han, SBS JP, officiated at the event Opening. She encouraged people to start early in building and strengthening their bones and to take precautionary measures to protect themselves from bone fractures. She also commended OSHK, the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, CUHK, and FPAHK for their work in promoting bone health. She said the impacts had started to be seen in society.

In his Welcoming Remarks, Dr Tai-pang Ip, Vice-President of OSHK, informed that the International Osteoporosis Foundation had adopted "The Year of Bone Health Awareness" as the main theme for this year’s World Osteoporosis Day on the 20th October. As a member of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, OSHK partnered with FPAHK to organise the Bone Health Day to enhance public awareness of osteoporosis, its risk factors and preventive measures.

Mrs. Lina Lo, Vice-Chairman of FPAHK, remarked that the Association had started to provide bone density measurement for menopause women since 1999. Their Osteoporosis Clinic was opened in 2005 to extend services to men. Consultation service was offered to people at risk of osteoporosis; screening, laboratory test and medication were provided to people according to their needs. The Association also collaborated with Osteoporosis Centre, Queen Mary Hospital (QMH), the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to provide Osteoporosis Shared Care Service to follow up on patients with stabilised conditions.

Prof. Annie Kung, Director of Osteoporosis Centre, QMH, HKU, released information on the "Clinical Risk Factor Assessment on Bone Factures of Hong Kong Women". She pointed out that osteoporosis was a condition associated with bone fragility and increased risk of bone fractures. It was one of the most common and disabling illnesses associated with pain, loss of mobility and independency. Many patients died within one year of their fracture. About one third of postmenopausal women and one tenth of men above the age of 50 had osteoporosis. It was estimated that about 300,000 women and 100,000 men in Hong Kong were currently suffering from the disease. The data of this study confirmed that clinical risk factor assessment, in addition to BMD measurement, was a reliable predictor of 10-year risk of osteoporosis fracture.

Prof. Kwok-sui Leung of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), shared the experience in his Community Fall and Fracture Prevention Project and bone health promotion work. He explained the causes, risk factors and consequences of fall and bone fractures. The Community Fall and Fracture Prevention Project has trained up a group of women volunteers from FPAHK’s Women’s Clubs as "Bone Health Ambassadors" to help promote the "Ten-combo Exercise" in the community.

The FPAHK Drama Troupe presented a short drama "Fragile Women" to bring out the message of bone health and osteoporosis prevention. Mr. Pan-ching Sze, occupational therapist of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, CUHK, led the participants into a post-performance discussion. Other activities included tongue-twister competition, gymnastic demonstrations, game booths and exhibition etc. Free bone density measurement and balance test were offered to the public.

For public enquiries on the Association’s services, please call FPAHK Service Hotline 2572 2222, or visit




香港骨質疏鬆學會副會長葉大鵬醫生在歡迎詞中提到,國際骨質疏鬆基金會以「對骨質健康之警覺」為今年10 月20 日「世界骨質疏鬆日」之主題。作為「國際骨質疏鬆基金會」之香港區會員,「香港骨質疏鬆學會」聯同「香港家庭計劃指導會」舉辦「健骨同樂日」,提高市民對「骨質疏鬆症」之預防及風險因素的認識。

香港家庭計劃指導會副主席羅殷巧兒女士表示,家計會自1999 年開始已為更年期婦女提供骨質密度X 光檢查,其後在2005 年成立「骨質疏鬆診所」,將服務範圍擴展至男士;為有機會患上骨質疏鬆症的高危人士提供諮詢服務,並為有需要的人提供檢查、化驗和藥物治療。此外,該會亦與香港大學瑪麗醫院骨質疏鬆中心,推出「骨質疏鬆治療護理合作服務」,專為從醫院轉介、情況已經穩定的骨質疏鬆症患者跟進病情、提供藥物治療和定期驗身。

香港大學瑪麗醫院骨質疏鬆中心總監龔慧慈教授發表「預測香港婦女發生骨折的臨床高危因素」研究報告。報告指出骨質疏鬆症會令骨質密度降低至令骨頭容易折斷,是世界上最常見及令人虛弱的疾病之一。此病可引致疼痛、失去活動能力及自理能力,而且多會致命。約三分之一的50 歲以上女性及十分之一的50 歲以上男性患有骨質疏鬆症。隨著人口增長及老化,患上骨質疏鬆症的人數日益增多,估計香港現時有30 萬名絶經婦女及10 萬名50 歲以上的男士患有骨質疏鬆症。研究的數據引證了臨床高危因素及骨質密度測試能有效預測十年骨折風險。