Sponsorship for the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Barcelona 2020
[ Last Update: 14 May 2021 ]
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Owing to the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, we would like to extend our application & nomination process of the below mentioned event.

Interested OSHK members should send an e-mail to drshwong@gmail.com to express his/ her interest to be nominated to receive the sponsorship before 27th February 2020

Date: 2nd – 5th April, 2020
Country: Barcelona, Spain
No. of OSHK members sponsored: 9
Sponsor: AMGEN Hong Kong Limited

Sponsorship Breakdown
Item HKD
Airfare (Economy) $12,500
Airport Transfer (2 Ways) $2,500
Accommodation x 5 nights (01 APR 2020 - 06 APR 2020) $16,000
Conference Registration $9,000
Total $40,000/ doctor

This Sponsorship is not intended, directly or indirectly, to compensate the institution for purchasing, ordering, prescribing, using or recommending AMGEN’s products or services, or as a mean to gain access to the institution for purpose of promoting any of AMGEN’s product or services.